Well done to the fight team – Legend Fight Series 2018

Massive well done to every single fighter who took part on the Legend Fight Series held at the Watford Palace Theatre Saturday 2nd June. Owen, Sam, Luke and Dan all put on a great show and did Total Dojo proud. 4 great fights, lots of awesome clinch, knees and kicks. A big thank you to Gary Carter for his time, effort and amazing coaching skills.


“The only word I could describe right now on how I’m feeling is that I’m absolutely buzzing for these 4 guys. So happy for them, 4 great fights, lots of awesome clinch, knees and kicks. So bloody proud of them” Louise Dyer

“I literally have no voice, screaming each of your name last night cheering you on. You are all winners, super proud of you. Us mere mortals are humbled and inspired. Congratulations guys, all that hard work paid off. You’re lucky to have a great fight coach – Gary Carter helping you in your journey, not to forget your corner man James Russell, a lethal combination. Can’t wait to see the next bouts. Big huge hugs” Myra Umali

Well Done guys!


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